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How To Make Any Relationship Last Forever!

Let's break this down as usual... What would it take to have a relationship that lasts forever? Well of course that includes a relationship filled with happiness, love, peace, balance, and most qualities along that line. So how do you have that? What holds a relationship together with these qualities? (Comment your thoughts down below!!)

We know that there is one thing that keeps a relationship functioning, and that is communication. Good and healthy communication is what keeps a mutual bond in motion. But what does it take to have good and healthy communication? What does that mean? (Comment your thoughts below!!)

Healthy and good communication comes from empathizing enough to be able to truly listen and understand the other person. When you can do that, you can truly respond along the same path and perspective that the other person is on & walk that path together to the same understanding & conclusion. We all have experienced arguments where you or the other person does not seem to understand you or vise versa. Because they are so focused on what they are trying to say and get across that they are not actually listening to you and trying to understand & vise versa. Where this changes is when both people seek to truly understand each other and most of the time that comes from asking the right questions to help understand the situation. But how do you know how to ask the right questions and seek to understand?

The ability to ask the right questions comes from an expansion of understanding and experience many perspectives within thoughts, words, actions, and feelings/emotions. Meaning that the more we question and understand ourselves and the things around us as to why we do what we do, think what we think, feel what we feel, and how everything works around us, the more we experience many perspectives outside of our own reality. When we do this, we develop a habit of seeking understanding and lesson with questions that lead to answer and answers that lead to more questions helping us find clarity in understanding and coming to a clear conclusion that we can make sense of. In other words, the practice of self-awareness helps build empathy within ourself and with the things and people around us. By questioning ourselves and understanding ourselves, we have a stronger ability to properly question and understand the things and people around us. Articulation and communication becomes simple and an ongoing practice that structures a foundation for strong relationships that will last forever. And of course forever lasting relationships takes 2 or all people involved in the relationship to do this and work through the challenges/disagreements together.

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