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Overcoming mental illness/struggles

One of the most important functions of the human being is our mental health. Yet many of us are unaware of some of the struggles that so many face mentally. Mental illness is one of the toughest struggles to overcome especially since a person with a mental illness doesn't realize at first that they have a mental illness since they are living in their own reality thinking that their experience is normal. So how does someone overcome this?

I spoke with Thomas who has delt with this and overcame it and now lives a career as a coach for people struggling with their mental illness. We discuss the inns and out of overcoming any mental struggle and it all comes down to one thing!

1) First thing is to acknowledge your mental struggle.

2) Accept your struggle for what it is. Learn about it and skills you can use to cope with it.

3) Seek the lesson in your challenge and change the perspective. Learn from it and grow with it!

Watch the full episode and learn more about overcoming mental struggles!

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